The Board


Ryan Bose-Roy | USA

As a High School Senior in New York City, I want to help give talented teenagers a voice in STEM. Outside of The Scientific Teen I love reading, learning, eating, and listening to Brahms's Wiegenliend: Guten Aben, gute Nacht. 

Amanda Zheng | USA

I am a high school senior from New Jersey who loves making things and wants to pursue engineering! I want to help spread STEM to the next generation of teens and inspire more women to pursue the sciences. 

Writing and Editing Sector

Tina Sindwani

Chief Editing Officer | USA

Totally crazy science-lover and explorer of all things! Contact me if you need assistance with the cosmos!

I'm a student at Arizona State University studying computer systems engineering and technological management.

Madison Li

United States of America

I am committed to conservation, and specially ocean. I am most curious about genomics and the progress of genetic science in relation to finding cures for diseases.  

Johan Jeson

United States of America

A young collegiate with a heart for STEM and a mind for innovation that transcends all boundaries.

Adam Tseng

United States of America

I am a New Jersey high school student interested in chemistry and biomedicine.  I enjoy tennis, history, and jazz music.

Monish Singhal


I am a high school sophomore, who loves exploring new things in the world of Science, Technology and Maths.

Eliabel L.

New Zealand

A passionate and driven student, I am passionate about all areas of STEM, especially science and technology.

Evie Rose Grace

New Zealand

I love STEM because it’s creative, logical, and there’s the chance for new discoveries.

Sukhmani Kaur Saggu


I am a university student in my second year of BSc Neuroscience. Passionate about promoting science, I write to empower readers to see beyond today’s discoveries, in imagination of tomorrow’s innovations.

Janavi Gupta


Who is passionate about the environment and enjoys classical dancing, writing, and giving back to society

Ishika Kohli

United States of America

I’m Ishika and I’m interested in the biological and medical aspect of STEM, and my future aspiration is pediatrics!

Cavid Abdullayev


I am a high school student who aimed to make a positive difference in the word with the power of science, education. I am interested in environmental sciences and sustainable economic development.

Dorina Debreczeni


I’m a 16-year-old science lover whose interests include Chemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Genetics. I’m aiming to spread revolutionary ideas on medical research.

Anushka Durg


I am a high school student who is passionate about Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy! I have a deep interest in Theoretical Physics.

Megan Tseng

United States of America

I am a high school swimmer and musician who loves public health, epidemiology, biomedical science, and rewatching episodes of House MD.

Preethi Shyam


I am a science enthusiast who hopes to pursue a research career in astronautical engineering and computer security. Some of my interests are charcoal art, creative writing and playing the

Swetha Tandri

United States of America

I am passionate about using machine learning to solve critical environmental problems. I also write short songs that explain math!

Lara Bevan-Shiraz


Lara is a creative polymath: a dancer, choreographer, poet, rule breaker, intersectional feminist, environmental activist & scientist!

William Huang

United States of America

I am an 11th grader in Pennsylvania, US and have strong interests in aerospace, engineering, and chemistry. I wish to pursue an impactful career in the aerospace industry and expand STEM education for future generations.

Israh Ghobbar


An orchestra member and tennis player passionate about medicine, physiology and virology with hopes of inspiring teenagers.

Fakharyar Khan

United States of America

I’m an 11th grader. My interests are in Condensed Matter Physics and Recreational Math.

Urvashi Balasubramaniam


I’m a poet and the author of The Little Glow, a Trinity Grade 8 Pianist, a coder, an environmental activist and a basketball player with a love of reading and STEM. I want to use writing to inspire the world to fall in love with learning.

Website Design Sector

Advik Basani

Lead Website Manager | India

I am a 15-year-old teen who is passionate in Science and a profound interest in Tech, Coding, and the creation of a more illuminated future for the world.

Ravi Kola


I am a passionate diver in the deepest corner in the ocean of physics with a strong interest all things in tech!

Matt Friedman


I am currently a high school student with an immense background in computer site design with several sites created to date.

Nadja Stojanovic


I study Mathematics and Physics, however, I am passionate about Computer Science and how it can change the world.

Finance Sector

Cindy Liu

Chief Finance Officer | Canada

I am an ambitious leader who combines her passion for science, writing, and entrepreneurial spirit to create a global impact.

Gideon Tay

Chief Finance Officer | Singapore

I desire to use my diverse passions, including STEM, entrepreneurship and public policy to serve and make a positive impact.

Phillip Batov

United States of America

I am an incoming undergrad student at the Wharton School of Business. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and economic sciences he hopes to integrate into a social enterprise.

Kelly Kang

United States of America

I am a New York native who loves studying biology, earth science, and Python! I also am interested in data sciences and want to pursue this in the future.

Shronim Tiwari

United States of America

I am a teen who has always been interested in finances and economics as a whole. I hope to pursue this field in the near future.

Rajvi Shroff

United States of America

I love writing and am passionate about STEM, especially Physics and Chemistry (actually, there’s something fascinating about everything!). I love being a contributor for the Scientific Teen, as it promotes curiosity about the world around us and a drive to explore possibilities!

Design Sector

Meghna Badami

Chief Design Officer | India

I am an 18 year old currently in my first year of college, studying Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery. Anything related to Medicine and Genetics gets me excited!

Sanika Pradhan


I enjoy being an amateur astronomer and reading STEM articles. I would like to pursue a career in science research.

Salma Alrowaie

Saudi Arabia

I have always been curious about everything, and that curiosity has only with age.

Iaspire to understand the world around me.

Amina Boutabba

I am the co-founder of the first environmental club in my district, which allows me to merge my interests in art and community service.

Julianna Bonetti

United States of America

I have a passion for both STEM and the arts. My goal is to grow the Hispanic community within the STEM field.

Eryka Tchuosi


I am an active member of the National Honors Society and have experience in graphic design and coding.

Publicity Sector

William Huang

Chief Publicity Director | USA

I am an 11th grader in Pennsylvania, US and have strong interests in aerospace, engineering, and chemistry. I wish to pursue an impactful career in the aerospace industry and expand STEM education for future generations.

Adam Tseng

Co-Publicity Director | USA

 I am a New Jersey high school student interested in chemistry and biomedicine.  I enjoy tennis, history, and jazz music.

Tushya Mehta


I am a senior in high school from Delhi who loves studying physics and mathematics.

Rahaf Adi

Saudi Arabia

I’m mostly interested in Science (Physics). In the future, I'm hoping to build a bridge towards my dream of being an astrophysicist.

Pranav Kengari

United States

of America

I am a junior who loves anything about science. Outside of STEM, I love travelling and reading.

Hamza Alsamraee

United States

of America

 I am a physics and mathematics enthusiast hoping to make a positive impact. Outside of STEM, I love philosophy.

Suad Čobo

Bosnia &


Aviation Enthusiast, Amateur Radio Operator. Full of ideas for most STEM projects. Participated in NYAS-UTC Aerospace Challenge 2018.

The Scientific Teen

Since June 2018

Using science writing as a medium, we aim to advance collaboration between young adults worldwide with the belief that through educating people today, we can solve worldwide problems tomorrow. By providing opportunities for youth interested in science, together we can increase the presence of scientific writing in schools, further science education, and encourage future careers in STEM.

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