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Check out the Formatting & Editing Guidelines to learn how to format and what editors look for in an article

Plagiarism Policy

We take plagiarism very seriously. All articles should be original content, with any outside information properly cited. 

Submitting articles that are plagiarized (in part or in whole) will not be tolerated.

The Process



Write an article on any subject in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math that interests you. We strongly advise that you base your articles on reliable primary and secondary sources. When you are finished (and have made sure you have followed the guidelines), send your article to us from the button below!



If your article is accepted, it will be edited three times over the next two weeks. First, it will be edited by a layout editor, for formatting. Second, it will be edited by three sectional editors, who will be in touch with you throughout the two weeks about potential ways of touching up the article. Finally, one of the Editors-in-Chief will read it and give their feedback. At the end of two weeks, we will email you with a final draft for confirmation.



Once you confirm the final draft, all is set! Your article will be published in the next upcoming issue of the publication! Congratulations!

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Using science writing as a medium, we aim to advance collaboration between young adults worldwide with the belief that through educating people today, we can solve worldwide problems tomorrow. By providing opportunities for youth interested in science, together we can increase the presence of scientific writing in schools, further science education, and encourage future careers in STEM.

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