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Who are We?

The Scientific Teen (TST) is a global youth media organization dedicated to encouraging scientific awareness and education for students, parents, and educators. Articles covering topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are written by young adults ages 13-19. Monthly publications are made available online as well as in a printed magazine, which is sent to participating schools and programs all around the world.

Why Us?

  • TST encourages creativity. By explaining complicated topics in common language, The Scientific Teen gets people thinking about the applications of science.

  • TST furthers collaboration. Writers and editors from all over the world share their knowledge and perspectives on what matters to them in science.

  • TST gives the future a voice. We give students passionate about science an opportunity to express ideas and issues that are important to them.

Mission Statement

Using science writing as a medium, we aim to advance collaboration between young adults worldwide, with the belief that through educating people today, we can solve worldwide problems tomorrow. By providing opportunities for youth interested in science, together we can increase the presence of science writing in schools, further science education, and encourage future careers in STEM.


All articles sent to The Scientific Teen and approved by our editors will be published on the website. 

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