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We are The Scientific Teen, a STEM publication run by over 100 students ages 13-19 from over 20 countries. As creative, ambitious, and driven students from across the world, we believe that by educating younger generations in the sciences today, we can solve global problems tomorrow. Our website is filled with articles from “The Mathematics of a Pandemic” to “Your Newest Dog Could Be Robotic,” and we can’t wait to include more unique perspectives.

What  Is A Hackathon and Why?


But we need your help…


In order to keep doing our work, we need money! Specifically, we need to pay these costs:

  1. Cost of incorporation into a 501(c)(3) non profit organization

  2. Paying for the website

  3. Professional Finance/Bookkeeping Software

  4. Launching our Hardcopy Edition!

Other Ways You Can Help?

  • Help us spread the word! Use this link to share on social media and email: gofundme/thescientificteen.

  • Read articles on our website! You don’t even have to subscribe. If you come out of our website learning something new and interesting, you will have gained something valuable and have helped give an aspiring teenage STEM student a voice. 

  • Expert advice! We are always happy to consider ways we can make The Scientific Teen better!

  • If you are or know anyone who is a teenager, feel free to send us (or ask them to send us) an article! We’d be happy to review it and put it up on our website and Print Edition!

Encouraging STEM education and improving access to information

Dozens of articles on a range of STEM topics, plus a podcast and YouTube series!


Hundreds of students from dozens of countries served

Tina at Columbia NYAS


Thank You!

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