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A Day in the Life of an Engineering Student

Rishmitha Koppuravuri

A typical undergrad's life in any reputed college of Engineering is one full of excitement, one way too full of new ideas and new relationships.

I am too an Engineering student doing my majors in Information Technology.

As the sun shines and leaves wake up to the morning dew, fresh and energetic to start photosynthesis, I too wake up, just not that eager for the day because the very first thought that comes to mind after getting up is "deadline".

"Deadline" is the one word that rules the life of an engineering student. Assignments, records, exams, internships, each and every one of those come with deadlines.

Tomorrow, I have 3 assignments due for submission, two of which I haven't yet started and here I am thinking about how I'm running out of supplies and how I have to find a part time job at the earliest. 

Don't ask me what I was doing until the deadline. You'll know about it the day you procrastinate and yet deal with it like a pro. That's the magic of engineering, it teaches you to battle life head-on instead of worrying.

You're always on the clock, busy and running.

Today was an especially challenging day, bad health combined with work tends to have that kind of effect. After having maybe just a glass of what people call espresso for "breakfast", I rushed to attend classes most of which are so fast that you tend to lose track of what's being said every 10 seconds (unless you're some kind of a genius).

As long as you're that somebody who reads a lot of books, academic books I mean, you needn't worry too much about not understanding classes, you'll be just fine. 

After a class or two, a group of us headed to the research wing of the college to continue our project on Distributed Systems. This is where everything gets interesting if you love the subject you're studying. Never ever miss out on doing your own research projects in college.

I might have had lunch today, I don't remember petty things like that anymore because though the work I do gets tiring, I do have a genuine interest in it and other things just slip out of my mind. 

I missed a couple of classes today just so I could apply for some internships and I did successfully send applications into 5 companies for different sorts of jobs. This article will get tedious to read if I describe those jobs. 

Then I wrote an article for my writing blog which I still have to proof-read and upload. I couldn't do that then because I had to meet up with my web-designing panel to discuss minor bugs in the website we launched recently, the website is basically for the techno-cultural fest that we are organizing at college and it's huge, so the minutest things matter. 

While you are at college, it becomes very important that you get involved in the college events, clubs or it's leadership because that's where you learn most of your team management, leadership and organizing skills. 

With the meeting concluded, I had nowhere to go but the library to prepare for the exams that I'm expected to give within a week.

I finally reached the campus dorm (where I stay) after an extremely tiring day but then I still got my mail to check and every single mail in it seems so important and urgent.

I decided, out of the blue that I wanted to pay attention to our Editor-in-chief and write an article for the Scientific Teen which I am doing right now.

After finishing this article, maybe I'll finally have some real food, maybe not but I will definitely have one less task on my to-do list. 

18 is generally the age during which one starts pursuing their graduation course and that is when one has to start parenting themselves. Manage studies, earn, pursue personal interests and meet deadlines, you have to do them all at once. 

The idea that you're about to experience this whole thing can be terrifying, but it's awesome. It's challenging but trust me, it's what you want more of. It can get extremely messy, but it's a mess you want to be fond of.

I'm still not done for the day cause the night's still young and I still have two assignments to complete before I could possibly sleep. 

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