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Extremely Unlikely! Or May Be Not!

By: Avinaba Majumdar

Let’s talk about some daily stuff, like – “Did it ever happen that you got a watermelon with no seeds at all?”, or, “Did it ever happen that every time you and your friend unsolved a Rubik’s cube, they exactly match unconsciously?” I suppose that you didn’t come up with a “Yes” to any of these questions. Never mind! You didn’t turn up with a “Yes” because they are very unlikely to occur.

But what if there is something which is hilariously unlikely to happen but yet it did happen! You will be surprised to hear that the existence of you, yes you, who is reading this article now, had an extremely bare chance to exist in this beautiful Cosmos!

How bare was the chance of your existence? To give you an intuition, imagine placing a pencil in a position so that it can stand on its sharp end even after one billion years! How impossible does that seem? Oh, wait! There’s more!

How unlikely do you think were you to exist? Is it like, “One in Billions of Billions?”, or, “One in Trillions of Trillions of Trillions?”, or is it, “Even More?” Well, it was 1 in1010123well-known as the “Penrose Number” named after the famous mathematician, Sir Roger Penrose.

Doesn’t that startle you?

This is such unlikely that even the phrase “Extremely Unlikely!” would be inadequate to describe it! Such was the probability of the formation of you and this beautifully-designed Cosmos! And still, you think that our Cosmos was a coincidence? In mathematics, just 1 in 1050is defined to be “zero probability”. And then comes the probability of the formation of our Universe. Imagine, you are calling someone. For that, you need to dial his/her phone number, right?

What if you just dialed a random number and the call went to the exact person you wished to talk to? That would be surprising! Ain’t it? And how about if the phone number was millions of digits long, and the same phenomenon was to happen. It would seem impossible, right? Yes, it indeed would be. But, the formation of our Cosmos had even a greater level of impossibility than this one and yet it did form! This is astonishing! How could this even be possible? How perfectionist was the Creator? Roger Penrose quoted, “This now tells us how precise the Creator’s aim must have been!” But, I don’t wanna draw conclusions to it. Rather, I would suggest to you all, think about this. What could have been the reason:

Was it just “Physically Necessary”?

Was it just a “Coincidence”?

Was the Creator a perfectionist and did love making designs?

Was it something else?

We put this forward as an open-minded question to all our intellectual readers!


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