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LSC Partners in Science - Summer High School Research Program

Are you a high school student in interested in conducting science research? If you are, this is a perfect program for you!

The 2018 group of Partners in Science researchers

For 31 years, Liberty Science Center has offered a summer research program, Partners in Science, to rising high school juniors and seniors, where they collaborate with a research mentor at a local university or hospital to conduct STEM research within the student’s field of interest. This program has evolved over the ages: today students not only participate in research with the assistance of their mentors, Liberty Science Center' STEM staff also mentor them in presenting the research to the public. With rising success of the program and passion to exposing younger students to STEM research, Liberty Science Center introduced the Pathways Program in 2018. This program, aimed toward rising high school freshmen and sophomore students utilizes the foundations of Next Generation Science Standards to teach students STEM research techniques as they propose a modification or an addition to an existing guest experience at Liberty Science Center. This combination of experiences fosters a growth in students to make them better learners, investigators, researchers, and educators as they explore their passions in STEM careers. 

Researcher Jhohanna Perez with her final research poster

The works of some previous projects by Partners in Science students can also be found on this website:

Researcher Amanda Zheng learning cell culture

Liberty Science Center is currently accepting applications for summer of 2019. For questions pertaining to the program, contact Deepa Shah, Manager of Specialized STEM Programs at Liberty Science Center at


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