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The myth busted: Are mobile phones truly all good and no bad?

By: Janavi Gupta

“There is a wide spectrum of behaviour,

From simply being dependant on technology,

To using it compulsively.”

Are mobile phones truly all good and no bad? Are they really as brilliant as they are thought to be or just a marketing scam? Well, let's find out, shall we?

Mobile phones have taken the world by storm. They are very effective in our daily lives for performing everyday tasks, communications, sharing data and information and social interactions. Studies show that there are approximately five billion phone users[1] today with people in the U.S.A alone spending close to an average of four hours each day on their phones according to a study conducted in 2017.[2] #smartphones #addiction

Mobile phones give us access to innumerable amounts of data at our fingertips. They help increase easy connectivity between people and inexpensively allow for information sharing. They are also creating a lot of social good. For example, the Government of India has launched the JAM (Jan Dhan Aadhaar Mobile) program for financial inclusions to the underserved people especially in the rural areas of which mobile phones are an integral part. Similarly, in Africa and China, mobile wallets have allowed billions of people to have a bank account through mechanisms such as m-Pesa and Alipay. Our everyday tasks like banking, commuting, shopping, eating etc. have become far more convenient through these devices. #technology #gadgets

All the various kinds of gadgets that we use today.

However numerous the benefits of these devices, they do pose some serious challenges to modern society. They are a huge distraction leading to a lot of time being spent unproductively. The risk of people falling prey to cybercrime has increased dramatically and could lead to financial losses, data loss etc. It also poses various health hazards like excess radiation exposure due to the harmful radioactive substances contained within them that emit radioactive rays, irregular circadian rhythm[3] (sleep patterns), generation of e-waste (waste generated by the various chemicals and substances contained in electronic devices) and accidents caused by people driving or walking while looking at their mobiles. #ewaste #poorhealth

Overcoming addiction is extremely vital. One should limit their phone usage, read print newspapers, go out to play in the fresh air instead of gaming on gadgets, meet a friend or family in person instead of calling or messaging them etc. This helps de-stress and gives one free time to do things like pursue a hobby, develop a talent, explore the unexplored, socialise with people and look after one's health. Maintaining a balance and using these tools for the right purpose can be incredibly powerful but damaging if used inappropriately.



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