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Your Newest Dog Could Be Robotic

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

By: Amanda Zheng

Just like a normal dog, Boston Dynamics’ robot appropriately named Spot can jump, run, and go where you tell it. But Spot’s abilities can go far further than a typical dog as it can navigate challenging terrain, pick up construction objects, and operate from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius (-4 to 113 Fahrenheit).

Boston Dynamics has been working on Spot since 2015, when a viral video of the robot received more than 22 million views. Since then, hardware and software updates have enabled the robot dog to dance, even twerking and moonwalking! But don’t let its smooth moves fool you, it has the ability to do hard work, as similar Boston Dynamics products have been used by the US Army and Marine Corps in fields of battle.

Though there might be a couple years before you can bring Spot home to the family, as it is currently only available to select early customers. Furthermore, it is estimated that its cost is more than that of a new car! Seems like you will have lots of time to convince your parents to bring home a military-grade robotic dog!



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