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20% of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest!

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First and foremost, no, time crystals are not one of the infinity stones on Thanos’s gauntlet. Instead, time crystals are one of the most complexing yet remarkable discoveries in this century. But what exactly are time crystals?

Before discussing the perplexing properties of time crystals, it's crucial that you understand what a crystal really is. Crystals are solids that have a repetitive arrangement of atoms, forming a crystal lattice, similar to how in every school dance the athletes are with the cheerleaders.



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Using science writing as a medium, we aim to advance collaboration between young adults worldwide with the belief that through educating people today, we can solve worldwide problems tomorrow. By providing opportunities for youth interested in science, together we can increase the presence of scientific writing in schools, further science education, and encourage future careers in STEM.

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